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3 Fun Ideas for All White Keds

written by: AmyGlasgow


Keds are one of those classic shoes that provide comfort and style at an affordable price. They are a shoe that has been around for ages and for good reason. Before the day of camouflage shoes or the sparkling-toed keds, there were the trusty classic all white keds.<br><br>All white keds19156-p-MULTIVIEW have been a go-to shoe for many generations. They are light in weight and easy to care for after multiple wears. In fact, there is little that the washing machine won’t remove from this classic canvas shoe without jeopardizing the integrity of the shoe. <br><br>This shoe is also a great for those of you that enjoy being creative. There is nothing wrong with going against the grain of current trends and creating your own. In fact, all white keds are perfect for the challenge and here are 3 fun ideas to turn your all white keds into a fun and glamorous shoe:<br><br>1. Tie Dye<br><br>That’s right, tie dye is coming back onto the scene with a vengeance. Though it is nearly impossible to properly tie up this shoe to create the classic tie dye look, there are other ways to portray this popular look. For instance, think air brush. There are various machines located in the toy sections of local warehouse department stores that sell small scale air brush machines. This is a great alternative to the classic tie dye methods. All colors and machinery is typically included in the set.<br><br>2. Polka-Dots<br><br>Using a Sharpie or two or three, create a custom polka-dotted shoe to your liking. All white keds offer up a blank canvas to create your own polka-dot heaven. This look can also be created with the use of inexpensive fabric paints. <br><br>3. Glitter Toes<br><br>Using fabric glue and a thick paint brush, pour a large dot of glue into a plate and add the glitter of your choice. Mix the two together and apply to the toe area of your shoe. To keep the soles of the shoe clean, use tape to cover the sole before apply the paint mixture.

Abercrombie Rap

Can’t stay awake.  Lack of sleep.  Too much meat.  I’m impossible to beat.  I’m the coolest mother f’er on the street.  I drink until my brain cells deplete.  I am what makes rap complete. I rap all alone.  You’ll never see one of my tracks with a feat.  I don’t have just one boat I roll with an entire fleet.  My hands are deadly weapons I never roll with heat.  I bring the fire until you’re soaking in your seat.

I stole that rhyme from dre.  I steal stuff all day.  Kleptomaniac.  Egotistical maniac.  I ain’t black but I still rap.  Some people say I can’t rap and I just spew crap.  But I don’t care.  Hit you with a right cross and have you taking a dirt nap.  My lyrics will put you in a coma.  This lyrical attack will never be over.  I can spit until your brain splits.  Rhyme after rhyme.  Time after time.  Crime after crime.  More offensive than burgers made of pink slime.  I murder these raps I should be doing time.


More dangerous than aids.  Violence is what I crave.  I spit stuff backwards.  I smoke on backwoods. Make no sense like flexees shapewear.  People acting cocky trying to copy me.  Getting angry and jealous because they’re not me. Smell better than ever.  Have I ever tasted defeat… Never. I wear maidenform shapewear.  That’s why I’m never alone.  So many women that I don’t even have the floor space to take them home.  I don’t even mess with Firefox, when I browse it’s always chrome.  I don’t believe in flat services I live under a dome.  I have perfect spinal support thanks to memory foam.  Bowflex up in my garage that’s why I’m so toned.  Insane in the brain.  Dangerous like a wrecking ball swinging from a crane.  Disgusting like a pair of boxers with a Hershey stain.

But still I can’t complain.  I don’t even mess with attractive women I like them plain.  I finally reached 300 words.  My girl don’t eat steak she only eats fish and birds.  They call it pescatarian.  To me it’s alien.  You would be scarred if you’ve seen the places I’ve been.  Vegetarian Mexican food.  Vegan orange chicken.  I don’t want that crap I’m a dude.  Never mind I’m a man.  The kind with the master plan.  If I were on American dad my character would be Stan.  Unfortunately now the rhyme is finished.  Hopefully you feel better.  Like Popeye after he has his spinach.

The Day Greg Went Un-flashed

Do you ever wonder what guys think about when they check out girls. I feel like it would probably differ greatly among men, and that spectrum would also differ greatly from that of women. Women care about personalities and such. I would be men are pretty straight forward in their assessment of others, looking for superficial, initial impressions to make large inductions about complete strangers.

I bet men who notice women’s’ hair never think to themselves, “Wow, her hair is so nice- I wonder if she uses as a ceramic vs ionic blow dryer!”


In fact, unless you’re a hair stylist, you probably have never had a moment in your life pondering the reasons for and consequences of buying one hair dryer over another. I would estimate that there is at least a 80% chance that you or someone you know has considered that you could buy revlon products online but you didn’t because you are lazy or you don’t have hair.

Greg and I just went to the store to get plastic silverware and paper towels and such for the office. We had to go to the drugstore for the silverware because the discount place didn’t have it. Greg bought the office some discounted ketchup. It expired last year but we decided that because it is comprised mainly of vinegar which is a preservative it didn’t matter. We also had to pass the trolley station on the way to get the silverware.

That made Greg sad because no one flashed him today. But he did see a hot chick to check out so I guess that made up for the lack of naked men for him. He woman in the store bagged my silverware with two plastic bags. The boxes are cardboard and the silverware is plastic. Why would I need two bags, lady?! Jeez