For several years, it comes in Burkina Faso on highways and over again to armed robbery. The east and southeast of the country were particularly affected in recent years. Several such incidents also occurred in the southwest. For intercity travel is generally, but particularly fall into the aforementioned regions, particular caution.

Even driving during daytime and in the convoy only offer limited protection. Of night driving is strongly discouraged.

Even in the capital Ouagadougou takes to petty crime. During major events is expected to increase in such offenses. Flashy jewelry, watches, cameras and wallets / purses as possible should not be worn visibly. In the recent past there was the purse flat leather shoes for women snatching on the use of bladed weapons. On the wearing of handbags should therefore be dispensed with entirely.


Lately it came in Ouagadougou several times to bogus traffic accidents with subsequent demands for money for treatment of alleged violations or repairs as well as to provoke a car break with the alleged theft during relief efforts. In traffic accidents always police or gendarmerie should be consulted. This is certainly the case for personal cheap womens sneakers online injury.

The photographing of certain facilities is prohibited. Non-observance of this prohibition may result in unpleasant situations (eg fisticuffs). With the confiscation of the camera is to be expected in any case.

A list of affected facilities is available from the Burkinabe Ministry of Tourism. A translation of this list can be requested from the German Embassy under

The tourist infrastructure in Burkina Faso is, apart from the capital Ouagadougou and the second largest city Bobo-Dioulasso, mainly on a simple level.

Travel by land / air traffic

Ouagadougou is from Europe with several airlines reachable directly or weekly with change. The entry and exit by land via the neighboring countries is possible. It is advisable to perform only travel with a reliable and safe vehicle transport links (road vehicle). Is recommended to take out comprehensive insurance.


Spellcheck it

But who is the forty-year assault today? Of course, if we look at the type embodied by Matteo Renzi, must have a good dose of communicative language dispatched, simple, better with a cadence that face regional sympathy. Can you imagine, in fact, a Renzi with an emphasis Calabrian or Sicilian Bergamo? And the look? Berlusconi has made ​​us a modem and router, is undeniable. And if the look of the Knight was impeccable (lately instead of shirt and tie looks blue crew neck …), with his now legendary blazer and tie Mariela (a look from “commend” you would have said long ago), the forty-year Renzi instead presents itself to the forefront of national policy in their shirt-sleeves. But that is white. And ‘he who rolls up his sleeves, he does and does not say; is the one who reveals the secret of things is like behind the banality of everyday life, which everybody knows but nobody wants to see.


Renzi is one that cries: The emperor has no clothes! And these days it’s not cheap. So we will see more and more young politicians rampant as Matteo Renzi: in shirt sleeves (very tight on the chest), with the sleeves rolled up, no tie, sporting, with drainpipe trousers. Woe to see mustaches and beards is finished by the time of Chee Guevara, of Lenin, beards anarchist. Italy wants to clean the face of the future, but decided candid gaze, speech polished but captivating speeches clear: that the bad memory “parallel convergences” … And the hair? Corte. Already we see Grille with his hair combed more than before, but also its expressions become more pungent than a wireless router setup.

Change Italy and change the look. It ‘a way of thinking and being, because the look is the way of being of a historical period, not only frivolous or desire for change for its own sake. The Monti government ushered in a new political language of sobriety by a flag; his clothing was certainly an expression of that mentality, which was the need of the times, sober fact. But the moment their forties does not stop there: Albano, Letter, and Melony.


Tamaulipas, Michoacan, Nuevo Leon, Colima and Veracruz are the states with the largest number of people who have not been located. Among the cases of disappearances in the group include seven elements of the PF and a civilian in Zitácuaro, which is responsible to La Familia Michoacana (November 2009).

Seven young people, two Americans, who were apprehended by agents of the Federal Police in Colima in 2010, and since then nothing has been heard of them. Four students from the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, kidnapped Rails Fleteros bar in Monterrey (October 2010). Five people, four relatives in Matamoros (2011).Four victims, whose disappearance is attributed to iphone 5 cable bales; four public servants of the Office of Durango (November 2010). Three young men who were going to a rehabilitation clinic in Matamoros (2010).

There is another case in Hidalgo, committed by Los Zetas (March 2010). In some of the agreements established since 2006 for the payment of bonuses, PGR admitted he was running the research capacity and therefore invoked the “brave and determined cooperation of society” for clues to the location of the victims.

lightning cable

Meanwhile, the family faced a legal and emotional limbo, not because they can be considered as if dead bodies or remains are missing, as provided by law.

Three responsibility of the Attorney General of the Republic, Eduardo Medina Mora, Arturo Chávez Chávez and Marisela Morales Ibáñez, and the head of the agency, Jesús Murillo Karam, have resorted to the system of rewards when the investigations have failed to settle the cases.

Former and current officials including Attorney resumed investigations were initiated by previous administrations to theirs.

Of the 90 disappearances, the Public Prosecutor’s Office has opened lightning connector investigations in which various lines such as organized crime, illegal deprivation of liberty, human trafficking, child trafficking and undocumented, “and the resulting” were followed. .

The answer, however, has been negligible, has not been complaining that provide concrete, or informers data pertaining to criminal groups.

Heres the Story

The largest plant in the Dutch offshore wind farm named “Gemini” by 600 megawatts will consist of 150 wind turbines from Siemens 4 megawatts (MW) and a rotor diameter of 130 meters each. A total investment of the shareholders of nearly 500 million.

Rise in the Sea of the North, 85 km above the coast of Groningen. At full capacity the plant will produce 2.6 terawatt hours (Tw) of electricity per year thus providing an mx20v3 minimus and clean energy to a million and a half people. This amount of energy produced is equivalent to a reduction of CO2 emissions by 1.25 million tons per year.

Siemens is the first order of an offshore wind farm in the Dutch waters. For the first time, a helicopter will be available to the entire project at any time and a boat, specially designed for service activities (SOV) will be available at the wind farm. To ensure a long life to the turbines, will be able to carry out maintenance work at any time regardless of the weather or the height of the waves.


The ice sheet of West Antarctica is breaking down and the process is now unstoppable. The researchers say NASA and the University of Washington. This could mean an impressive rise in sea levels by four meters.

However, we will not be there when that happens to the new balance shoe, because if they speak not before century, that is, in a thousand years. Meanwhile, at the other pole, the end of the 70s the Arctic sea ice has retreated by 12% every ten years. The experts at the data center NSIDC (National Snow and Ice Data Center) do know that the month of May 2014 was the third lowest point of sea ice ever recorded for that month for which predict that the region will have ice-free summers by the next 30 or 40 years.

There is no doubt that soil pollution has serious environmental and economic consequences, and significant risks to human health and ecosystems. The closure of mines and industrial plants in various parts of Europe has revealed the existence of a large number of contaminated soil, the use of which in the medium term is uncertain. Decontaminate and recover such sites is a lengthy, complex and expensive that it puts a great burden on companies that own the land and local public administrations.

Moscow Mule Politics

MailTrack is an extension that allows you to see ticks like WhatsApp on Gmail and check whether a recipient has opened and read an email. In fact, when we talked about earlier in this service, we have done comparing their double check with WhatsApp In this sense, the public relations MailTrack, Conrado Lamas, has sent us the following statement:

“Like many of you, this morning we learned that WhatsApp now has new double-checks that actually confirm if the recipient has read your message.


This is great news for us! One of the kodak camera that we receive usually comparing our double-checks with mobile messaging is that programs like WhatsApp were not able to say whether the message was opened. This means, therefore, a conceptual win for us :)

The doubles-checks of WhatsApp are now like those of MailTrack, and are confident that this means a better and more natural for all communication. When we talk face to face, we have to be constantly checking if we listen. ”

No call Vladimir Putin a good subject. In 2014 broke through military intimidation possession of Crimea and waged a horrendous war of power with its neighbor kodak easyshare digital camera, during which a ground-based missile almost sure supplied by Russia shot down a civilian airliner. As the undisputed unpredictable and inexplicable head of a state rich in energy and nuclear warheads, nobody could call him weak.

So who is more powerful: the omnipotent head of a rusty but still fierce power or leader handcuffed the most dominant country in the world? For the second consecutive year, the votes were for the Russian president as the most powerful person in the world, followed by President Barack Obama and Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

Our annual ranking of 72 most powerful people in the world (one for every 100 million people on the planet) is based on voting by a panel of editors from Forbes that consider factors such as financial resources, scope and use of power, and the number of people that impact.

Not Good at all

3 Fun Ideas for All White Keds

written by: AmyGlasgow


Keds are one of those classic shoes that provide comfort and style at an affordable price. They are a shoe that has been around for ages and for good reason. Before the day of camouflage shoes or the sparkling-toed keds, there were the trusty classic all white keds.<br><br>All white keds19156-p-MULTIVIEW have been a go-to shoe for many generations. They are light in weight and easy to care for after multiple wears. In fact, there is little that the washing machine won’t remove from this classic canvas shoe without jeopardizing the integrity of the shoe. <br><br>This shoe is also a great for those of you that enjoy being creative. There is nothing wrong with going against the grain of current trends and creating your own. In fact, all white keds are perfect for the challenge and here are 3 fun ideas to turn your all white keds into a fun and glamorous shoe:<br><br>1. Tie Dye<br><br>That’s right, tie dye is coming back onto the scene with a vengeance. Though it is nearly impossible to properly tie up this shoe to create the classic tie dye look, there are other ways to portray this popular look. For instance, think air brush. There are various machines located in the toy sections of local warehouse department stores that sell small scale air brush machines. This is a great alternative to the classic tie dye methods. All colors and machinery is typically included in the set.<br><br>2. Polka-Dots<br><br>Using a Sharpie or two or three, create a custom polka-dotted shoe to your liking. All white keds offer up a blank canvas to create your own polka-dot heaven. This look can also be created with the use of inexpensive fabric paints. <br><br>3. Glitter Toes<br><br>Using fabric glue and a thick paint brush, pour a large dot of glue into a plate and add the glitter of your choice. Mix the two together and apply to the toe area of your shoe. To keep the soles of the shoe clean, use tape to cover the sole before apply the paint mixture.

Abercrombie Rap

Can’t stay awake.  Lack of sleep.  Too much meat.  I’m impossible to beat.  I’m the coolest mother f’er on the street.  I drink until my brain cells deplete.  I am what makes rap complete. I rap all alone.  You’ll never see one of my tracks with a feat.  I don’t have just one boat I roll with an entire fleet.  My hands are deadly weapons I never roll with heat.  I bring the fire until you’re soaking in your seat.

I stole that rhyme from dre.  I steal stuff all day.  Kleptomaniac.  Egotistical maniac.  I ain’t black but I still rap.  Some people say I can’t rap and I just spew crap.  But I don’t care.  Hit you with a right cross and have you taking a dirt nap.  My lyrics will put you in a coma.  This lyrical attack will never be over.  I can spit until your brain splits.  Rhyme after rhyme.  Time after time.  Crime after crime.  More offensive than burgers made of pink slime.  I murder these raps I should be doing time.


More dangerous than aids.  Violence is what I crave.  I spit stuff backwards.  I smoke on backwoods. Make no sense like flexees shapewear.  People acting cocky trying to copy me.  Getting angry and jealous because they’re not me. Smell better than ever.  Have I ever tasted defeat… Never. I wear maidenform shapewear.  That’s why I’m never alone.  So many women that I don’t even have the floor space to take them home.  I don’t even mess with Firefox, when I browse it’s always chrome.  I don’t believe in flat services I live under a dome.  I have perfect spinal support thanks to memory foam.  Bowflex up in my garage that’s why I’m so toned.  Insane in the brain.  Dangerous like a wrecking ball swinging from a crane.  Disgusting like a pair of boxers with a Hershey stain.

But still I can’t complain.  I don’t even mess with attractive women I like them plain.  I finally reached 300 words.  My girl don’t eat steak she only eats fish and birds.  They call it pescatarian.  To me it’s alien.  You would be scarred if you’ve seen the places I’ve been.  Vegetarian Mexican food.  Vegan orange chicken.  I don’t want that crap I’m a dude.  Never mind I’m a man.  The kind with the master plan.  If I were on American dad my character would be Stan.  Unfortunately now the rhyme is finished.  Hopefully you feel better.  Like Popeye after he has his spinach.

The Day Greg Went Un-flashed

Do you ever wonder what guys think about when they check out girls. I feel like it would probably differ greatly among men, and that spectrum would also differ greatly from that of women. Women care about personalities and such. I would be men are pretty straight forward in their assessment of others, looking for superficial, initial impressions to make large inductions about complete strangers.

I bet men who notice women’s’ hair never think to themselves, “Wow, her hair is so nice- I wonder if she uses as a ceramic vs ionic blow dryer!”


In fact, unless you’re a hair stylist, you probably have never had a moment in your life pondering the reasons for and consequences of buying one hair dryer over another. I would estimate that there is at least a 80% chance that you or someone you know has considered that you could buy revlon products online but you didn’t because you are lazy or you don’t have hair.

Greg and I just went to the store to get plastic silverware and paper towels and such for the office. We had to go to the drugstore for the silverware because the discount place didn’t have it. Greg bought the office some discounted ketchup. It expired last year but we decided that because it is comprised mainly of vinegar which is a preservative it didn’t matter. We also had to pass the trolley station on the way to get the silverware.

That made Greg sad because no one flashed him today. But he did see a hot chick to check out so I guess that made up for the lack of naked men for him. He woman in the store bagged my silverware with two plastic bags. The boxes are cardboard and the silverware is plastic. Why would I need two bags, lady?! Jeez