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How To Escape A Lycra

Two men entered the wording of the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo and shouting “Allah akbar” (God is great), shot and killed two policemen, two employees and eight journalists from the publication that since 2006, received threats on several occasions for mens swimwear sale of Muhammad. President François Hollande said it was a “terrorist act”, declared national mourning and raised the maximum alertness in Paris, which is the scene of a massive mobilization against crimes.

The head of the French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM) and rector of the Grand Mosque of Paris, Dalil Boubakeur, meanwhile, condemned “in the name of Muslims” in France the “horror of the crime” and stressed that “it is useless to see it religious connotation “. “I denounce any attempt to link it to my religion, my brethren and Islam in France,” said Boubakeur, who expressed his hope that the perpetrators of the attack are “punished” because the facts constitute “acts of war in the heart of Paris and should never go unpunished.”

After the slaughter, attackers armed with Kalashnikovs and swimming suits for men shouted “We have avenged the prophet!” and before fleeing the scene they shot dead a policeman. Several moments of fact were filmed from the street by a casual witness. On the run after a motorist collided and crashed into a pedestrian. “I heard gunshots, saw hooded people who fled in a car,” he told AFP Michel Goldenberg, a neighbor who has his office on the street Nicolas Apert, the same as the home of Charlie Hebdo.

In a video of the attack, filmed by a man from a roof and published on the website of the French public television, you hear a man shouting “Allah Akbar!” (God is greatest) between shots. The Charb, Wolinski, Cabu and Tignous artists among the dead. A journalist who works at a local face Charlie Hebdo mentioned “bodies on the ground, pools of blood, very serious injuries” in describing the gruesome scene of the attack. The fate and identity of the attackers was unknown shortly after noon.

What if guys start wearing leggings?

“In 2010, Carauari experienced an outbreak of Chagas disease, also with the record of 12 cases. At the time, the source of transmission was identified açaí, contaminated by feces Barber,” said Bernardino. The preliminary information gathered by the cheap true religion technicians sent over the weekend to the municipality, again the cases are associated with the consumption of the fruit.   “The surveillance teams are in the field doing inspections in all establishments that operate with the processing of acai, checking the conditions of production and trying to identify non-conformities that need to be corrected,” Bernardino said.   In Amazonas, in 2014, were reported 3 confirmed cases of acute Chagas disease. In Carauari throughout the last year, no case was registered.

Twelve people were killed and ten were injured on Wednesday in an attack by armed men shouting “Allah is great” against the magazine Charlie Hebdo satirical headquarters, located in Paris. In the attack, were killed the renowned cartoonists Wolinski, Charb, Cabu and Tignous. President François Hollande headed to the site of the attack and confirmed that it was a terrorist attack, the most violent recorded in France in 40 years. Witnesses said men armed with Kalashnikovs and rocket launchers stormed the writing humor Charlie Hebdo magazine and in a certain way, showing nerve and coordination, setting fire to the publication of the employees, aiming in particular to designers.

According to police sources, the authors of the attack shouted “avenge the Prophet!” In reference to Muhammad, cartoons target published some years ago by the magazine, which provoked outrage in the Muslim world. When leaving the building, the attackers fired at a policeman, attacked a driver and ran over a man with the stolen car. Police launched a search for the true religion jeans for women through the streets of Paris and the authorities have asked the population to avoid circular and use public transport. Authorities also announced that the Paris region was put on high alert.

The Fight Against Oil

The Spanish Óscar Fernández-Capetillo , 40, tops the list. Want to find the cause of DNA damage linked to cancer and aging. Part of a leading National Cancer Research Center (CNIO) in Madrid, which has developed an easy way to find powder foundation for oily skin that help cancer to resist chemotherapy group.

Last year, the biologist Nieng Yan , 37 and Tsinghua University in Beijing (China), used crystallography to solve the structure of a protein containing the essential fuel within cells. This year is waiting at the cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM), which has undergone a revolution due to technological advances, may offer: “Big projects that in the past might have lasted 10 years with crystallography, and can be developed in just half a year with cryo-EM “he explains.

The materials scientist Jen Dionne , 33, of Stanford University (California, USA), has developed a technique to see how light interacts with nanoscale materials, and wants to apply to phones and how to draw contour lines to make smarter and more efficient technology. Last year she gave birth to her first child. “Having a baby changes your perspective,” he explained, so you want to work in progress that can make the world better for the next generation.


Bioengineer Danielle Bassett , 33, of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, use scientific networks to understand the human brain. This year we want to promote coexistence between scientists to generate more knowledge: “Instead of organizing conferences of a single discipline, we need more to increase interdisciplinary conversations about the issues conference” he says.

Physical Suchitra Sebastian , 38, look for materials that could revolutionize transportation and energy storage at the University of Cambridge, UK. Last year he was selected as one of 30 outstanding young scientists by the World Economic Forum. Sometimes refers to herself as a “alchemist of quanta”.

Specializing in biomedical and electrical engineering, Christine Hendon , 31 and from Columbia University in New York, is working on monitoring a heart cell or even smaller scale. And finally, astrophysicist Hilke Schlichting , 32, from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, believes that knowing how planets form is the first step to know where we came from and how life occurs, so it begins Year stargazing.

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To find a similar to the 2014 statistics, must go back to the first years of Felipe Calderon in Los Pinos. In particular, in 2007; year that Mexican authorities captured more than 120,000 migrants. Another relevant fact which leaves this 2014 is that if the number of people arrested in January -6000 296- to in November compared -13 000 667 – you can see an evolution in catches of up to 117%.

However, keep in mind that, as reflected by statistics from previous years, the months of December and January are the least arrests occur because the migratory flow drops the holidays, and also by low temperatures which are recorded in the country, especially in the Gulf of Mexico and the North. In the nationality of migrants detained this year, the INM discloses that up to 94.4% are from Central America.



Of that total, 40% are Hondurans; 39%, Guatemala; 19%, Salvadorans, Nicaraguans and opi fingernail polish. Other information which discloses the INM reported that only two states account for 57.4% of all arrests of migrants this 2014. Chiapas and Veracruz, Chiapas, which shares seven border crossings Guatemala and Belize, is the entity that most foreigners caught with 49 thousand 977 people made available to the authorities, 39% of the total. While Veracruz, with 20 000 707 17.5% -the – is the second entity reported more catches.

The third is Tabasco, with 12 000 238 -10% -., And the fourth, Oaxaca, which recorded 8000 578 “2014, a terrible year for o.p.i. fingernail polish ” Given these figures, the Casa del Migrante de Saltillo notes that since the South Border Plan implementation in July this year-a month after the United States alerted about a humanitarian crisis caused by the flood of lower Central American migrants who arrived to its borders, the flow of migrants dropped “very significantly” in the north, while increased arrests in southern Mexico. “The fall of the flow of migrants is produced from the entry into force of the Southern Border Plan, which apparently has to do with the economic and social development and safety of migrants.

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Novorossia news today, December 22, informed that the situation in the territory of the DNI (Donetsk People’s Republic) and LC (Lugansk People’s Republic) remains tense.Ukrainian military continues to shell villages Novorossia and militia positions. During the last day of the security forces violated the ceasefire at least 11 times. On the night of December 22 and recorded at least 7 cases. In the LC does not stop shelling settlements Sokolniki and Prishib which lie to the north of the road from Bahmutka Slavyanoserbsky. For shelling the enemy uses heavy artillery.

New Russia December 22, 2014: at the Donetsk direction and restless. The enemy was shooting at militia blocking security officials at the airport in Donetsk. Attacks were carried out by small-arms and mortar fire from the direction of the new terminal and positions in the area of ​​sand. From the same shock of heavy machine guns and mortars been mine “October”. DNR militia checkpoint in northwest Donetsk fired from enemy small arms. Security officials attacked from positions in the sand.

Meanwhile, despite the ceasefire, the APU continues to move motorsport hats and fox racing on the front lines. RDG militia activity has decreased, this moment the enemy’s favor – the security forces move large columns and regular traffic on 3-5 machines – inform DNR news and LC. Novorossia News December 22, 2014: the security forces partially left thin and Avdiyivka in the north-west near the airport of the capital DNR. In these settlements fortified enemy created by focusing it more than 3 thousand people.

Sberbank News December 22: Savings on the background of a sharp increase in the key rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation to 17% in the near future may increase the average rate on the mortgage up to 15%. Now mortgage rate is 13%. Deputy chairman of the bank Bella Future reported that despite the increase in the key rate, the Savings Bank will continue to mortgage lending and growth in mortgage rates will not exceed 15%. “We will lend mortgages at a loss, especially since it allows our profit,” – said Zlatkis.

Having a ball of a time

Ernesto Martins Faria, the Foundation project coordinator Lemann, a nongovernmental organization that works with education, states that, “although it is a way that helps to contextualize it is important that socioeconomic status does not generate low expectations for the family of students lower income. ” According to him, “it is important that schools serving these students receive more support, as these students often arrive already in elementary school with gaiam custom fit adjustable balance ball chair and cognitive skills.”

This effort is reflected in the list of 2013 Enem notes disclosed on Monday. According to a survey done by the G1 based on the exchange of data between the notes of the Enem 2013, and the socioeconomic status of each school, the average of the objective evidence of the schools, where the richest students was 36.4% higher than the schools with the lowest socioeconomic status in Brazil. The difference was between 159.63 average in wealthier schools and the poorest. The variation in the average composition test reached 56% in favor of schools with very high socioeconomic level, a difference of 231.92 points.

The discrepancy also reflects the structure of the Brazilian educational system: While private schools represent 43.5% of the total list released by INEP, they are 99.2% of the group of very high-income schools. Only 12 schools of this level are public: five are military schools; three schools are tied to you study or federal universities; two are technical schools; one is connected to a foundation, and is a college town. “The best students in public schools are often the most favored socially, and this discussion must be placed”, says Faria, the Lemann Foundation. According to him, most public schools that stand out in this type of ranking just promoting some selection of students. “We can see that the socioeconomic status of students in schools that select is high, regardless of where the selection was made,” he explained. “The school needs to pursue learning for everyone, including students who have more unfavorable ergonomic balance ball chair conditions.”


For several years, it comes in Burkina Faso on highways and over again to armed robbery. The east and southeast of the country were particularly affected in recent years. Several such incidents also occurred in the southwest. For intercity travel is generally, but particularly fall into the aforementioned regions, particular caution.

Even driving during daytime and in the convoy only offer limited protection. Of night driving is strongly discouraged.

Even in the capital Ouagadougou takes to petty crime. During major events is expected to increase in such offenses. Flashy jewelry, watches, cameras and wallets / purses as possible should not be worn visibly. In the recent past there was the purse flat leather shoes for women snatching on the use of bladed weapons. On the wearing of handbags should therefore be dispensed with entirely.


Lately it came in Ouagadougou several times to bogus traffic accidents with subsequent demands for money for treatment of alleged violations or repairs as well as to provoke a car break with the alleged theft during relief efforts. In traffic accidents always police or gendarmerie should be consulted. This is certainly the case for personal cheap womens sneakers online injury.

The photographing of certain facilities is prohibited. Non-observance of this prohibition may result in unpleasant situations (eg fisticuffs). With the confiscation of the camera is to be expected in any case.

A list of affected facilities is available from the Burkinabe Ministry of Tourism. A translation of this list can be requested from the German Embassy under

The tourist infrastructure in Burkina Faso is, apart from the capital Ouagadougou and the second largest city Bobo-Dioulasso, mainly on a simple level.

Travel by land / air traffic

Ouagadougou is from Europe with several airlines reachable directly or weekly with change. The entry and exit by land via the neighboring countries is possible. It is advisable to perform only travel with a reliable and safe vehicle transport links (road vehicle). Is recommended to take out comprehensive insurance.


Spellcheck it

But who is the forty-year assault today? Of course, if we look at the type embodied by Matteo Renzi, must have a good dose of communicative language dispatched, simple, better with a cadence that face regional sympathy. Can you imagine, in fact, a Renzi with an emphasis Calabrian or Sicilian Bergamo? And the look? Berlusconi has made ​​us a modem and router, is undeniable. And if the look of the Knight was impeccable (lately instead of shirt and tie looks blue crew neck …), with his now legendary blazer and tie Mariela (a look from “commend” you would have said long ago), the forty-year Renzi instead presents itself to the forefront of national policy in their shirt-sleeves. But that is white. And ‘he who rolls up his sleeves, he does and does not say; is the one who reveals the secret of things is like behind the banality of everyday life, which everybody knows but nobody wants to see.


Renzi is one that cries: The emperor has no clothes! And these days it’s not cheap. So we will see more and more young politicians rampant as Matteo Renzi: in shirt sleeves (very tight on the chest), with the sleeves rolled up, no tie, sporting, with drainpipe trousers. Woe to see mustaches and beards is finished by the time of Chee Guevara, of Lenin, beards anarchist. Italy wants to clean the face of the future, but decided candid gaze, speech polished but captivating speeches clear: that the bad memory “parallel convergences” … And the hair? Corte. Already we see Grille with his hair combed more than before, but also its expressions become more pungent than a wireless router setup.

Change Italy and change the look. It ‘a way of thinking and being, because the look is the way of being of a historical period, not only frivolous or desire for change for its own sake. The Monti government ushered in a new political language of sobriety by a flag; his clothing was certainly an expression of that mentality, which was the need of the times, sober fact. But the moment their forties does not stop there: Albano, Letter, and Melony.